Vehicle Vinyl Wraps~ Top Choice For Transit/Outdoor Ads

vehicle-vinyl-wrap-adVehicle vinyl wraps by way of transit advertising are probably one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to advertise.  The fact that vinyl wraps can be applied to basically any size, shape and type of vehicle also makes vinyl wrapping probably the best form of transit advertising. Supreme Wraps, a Orlando Florida based vehicle vinyl wrapping coming, have done their fair share of bus, fleet, and even boat wraps.  That’s right you can even advertise on the water! They know their statistics and the exposure that a vehicle vinyl wrap can bring for your business or product. In fact, check out the advertising/marketing benefits of using vinyl wraps as your form of transit advertising.

Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Benefits to Transit Advertising

  • Fleet Advertisement- Wrapping your company’s fleet with vinyl wraps helps to increase your business/product recognition 15x more than other forms of transit-ad-vinyl-wrapadvertisement
  • Visual Impression Increase- It has been found that vehicle vinyl wraps can provide 600 or more impressions for every mile traveled in the vehicle!  That’s a TON of exposure for your product or business.
  • Interstate Advertising Corporation Statistics- The IAC has found that 74% of motorists are actually influenced by vehicle vinyl wrap ads for products or businesses.  That’s over half of all drivers!
  • Cost Effective- Not only does the cost associated with vehicle vinyl wraps make it a less expensive form of advertisement it also makes advertising a lot more flexible too.
  • Attention Without Disturbance-  Studies have also shown that advertisement done with a “softer” approach and not being so in your face present better results with better response from consumers.  Vehicle vinyl wraps are a “softer” approach to advertising and thus are a beneficial way to get your business/products out there and found.
  • Potential client Leads Double- That’s right with the use of vinyl wraps and allowing mobile exposure your company’s lead potential actually doubles!
  • Protect Your Fleets- The use of vehicle vinyl wraps on company fleets or single cars/trucks helps to also maintain the value of your vehicle. Why? Vinyl wraps act as a protective shield t your vehicle and help to lessen the results of normal wear and tear, scratches, dents, and dings.  
  • Recoup You And Expense-  with the proven amount of mobile exposure, lad and impression increase, you can actually recoup the money spent on your vinyl wrap because of the ad exposure alone!

Although vehicle vinyl wraps have been around for awhile now, only in recent years have they began to command the attention and exposure they deserve.  As transit and outdoor advertising become more beneficial and increases in popularity the more innovative vinyl wraps are sure to become. If you are looking to use outdoor advertising and transit ads in your companies market campaign, a vehicle vinyl wrap is a strong possibility to consider.