Traditional Ad Techniques & the Auto Industry

auto-industry-adsOur site focuses on transit advertising, it’s growth over the years and the many benefits as well as success for businesses these ads provide. That being said since we are focusing on what advertising on an automobile of some caliber can do for you and your company, we thought we would take a further look into the automotive industry, which tends to be the leader when it comes to advertising and marketing dollars spent per year. The fact of the matter is that while the automotive industry spends the most money each year in advertising campaign dollars and such the digital and transit marketing world is not their first choice in ways to advertise.  Instead many automotive leaders such as Toyota still tend to use traditional means of advertising verses transit ad or digital marketing ploys. Why is this exactly and furthermore what would happen if these automotive giants were to move more so into the digital and transit ad age? Would they take over the transit ad market leaving less space or acknowledgement for smaller scale companies and businesses? Let’s take a look at a few of the automotive industry’s traditional advertising techniques and answer a few of our own questions!

Automotive Industry Advertising Techniques


Radio advertisement is probably the most “old school” techniques when it comes to automobile marketing or an industry marketing technique at that. However, this form of marketing still holds proof that it works and is really catching the masses attention with the proof available in the ROI’s. In fact it has radio-adsbeen determined that radio reaches as many as 90% of Americans each week while driving their daily commute. If Radio marketing is this efficient it’s safe to say that transit advertising could reach the masses just as well if not even better for the automobile industry.  Especially if the automobile they were advertising was displayed rather than just spoken about.


Although this may seem like a long ago strategy that wouldn’t still work as well, the fact is it does somehow. The auto industry spent than most out of any industry in 2017 to televise their marketing approach and the proof of what it can do is in the number of car sales. What if you were to couple television ads with transit advertising and see what could really be done in the terms of sales.

Print Ads in Local Publications-

newspaper-adsWhile many automotive retailers are looking to pull their print ads and ditch this traditional ad spend the jury is out on whether they should do so. Most consumers still like to look at local papers containing ads especially for auto dealerships. This allows the consumer to see what deals and incentives on automobiles in their area are. A lot of times these ads will be the “driving” (no pun intended) force into bringing potential customers into dealerships!

While traditional add techniques can definitely bring results, transit marketing can potentially bring in so much more revenue to auto dealerships. Being that the auto industry is the leading ad spend in the marketing industry why not capitalize on all ad techniques both old and new!