Strategic Placement for Your Transit Ad

Transit and Outdoor Advertising is an ever growing ad technique that is proving to be very valuable to the business looking to promote their company. Not only is the said business reaching a huge market and demographic, they are also leaving lasting brand impression on potential consumers as well as hitting a great ROI. However, the more strategic you get with your transit ad placement the better. Not only are you really getting your ad spend money’s worth, you are also bringing the best possible value to your business. What exactly do we mean?


We did a case study as to some of the most effective ways to bring in probable leads for different businesses and the best way to place your ads to target an audience that could really benefit from the business at hands services. A Phoenix based auto mechanic wanted to promote and market his business using transit advertising. After more than 30 years in business he was looking for an alternative approach to his more traditional marketing tactics. He wanted to make sure if he was to spend a good amount of money on just one type of ad that he utilized his ad space the best way possible. Being that he was looking to focus on auto repair customers as well as ac/heating issues he decided what better way than to advertise on rideshare vehicles. Think city bus, the small market-strategyshuttle that works locally, company employee shuttles etc. Most people that are having car problems look to these forms of transportation to get them to and from work until they are able to get their vehicles fixed! In the 6 month period that the auto repair shop has been running their transit ads they have seen not only a great return on investment, they also have seen auto repair clientele increase as well as their gross profit margin! Truly strategically placing your transit ads can really help to increase your business, profit and overall potential leads.

Strategically Placing Transit Ads

  • Business Category- While all transit ad campaigns can benefit your business, placing them on particular transportation may be more or less beneficial to your business. Rideshare for an automotive repair business is brilliant, delivery service ads on buses etc would play out great because many people who take the bus might need deliveries!
  • Case Study- Maybe transit advertising will be the best marketing tactic for you and your business or maybe it doesn’t seem that beneficial. Start small with designated ad space you purchase and do a small case stud like we conducted. Find your niche when it comes to what transit ad space will prove to be the most prosperous for your company and brand.
  • Research- It never hurts before purchasing transit ad space or starting a case study to do a little research. Look into what your target demographic may be. Where other companies in your niche have had the best advertising success. The more you know can always help even just a little bit.
  • Knowing Numbers- Knowing what your numbers are as far as goals, ROI etc before beginning any new form of advertising will help you to really see if you are receiving the results that you want and need. If you are unsure of what your numbers and percentages need to be for transit ads to make sense and to really benefit you work with a professional that can help you develop a scale for you to keep track of your metrics!

In the end expanding your marketing camoaigns and the types of marketing and advertising you do for your company can do wonders for the growth and success of your business. While your traditional or usual ways of marketing might work you may be missing out on a form of advertising that could bring even greater results. Don’t throw all caution to the wind and stop utilizing the the standard techniques that work for you, instead have an open mind to what something different can do for you if you follow the right steps!