Protection For Your Transit/Vinyl Wrap Ad

ceramic-pro-top-coatWe have talked about transit ads, how vinyl wraps have transformed the transit ad industry, and what both the advantages and disadvantages are when using transit or outdoor ads. What we have yet to cover is protection for transit ads and fleet marketing. We include fleet marketing because that perhaps is what may benefit the most from protection, being that we as business owners seeking transit advertising can’t really add protection to a city bus or other public transportation.  However, if we have a company fleet of cars that have been vinyl wrapped with our logo/business advertisement we are able to control the type of protection put in place to ensure our vinyl wrap stays fresh, new and clean! If you have read our previous post about vinyl wraps you will have found that vinyl wrapping your vehicle or company fleet adds an extra layer of protection to your actual automobile. Not only do vinyl wraps protect the original paint of your car but also the body from normal wear and tear, dents, dings and weather related damage.  While vinyl wraps have their own level of durability how do you add extra protection to your vinyl wrap to help aid in keeping it as new looking and intact as possible? Enter in Clear Bra and Ceramic Pro protection! What exactly are Ceramic Pro & Clear Bra protection and how do they both aid in protecting your vehicle or fleet wraps?

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic pro is a nano ceramic coating that acts as a glass like protective shield for your vehicle.  It can protect the original paint job or your installed vehicle-paint-protectionvinyl wrap.

  • Provides a gloss to your vehicle
  • Offers a 3 to 5 times stronger topcoat protection than factory or other top coats
  • Creates a permanent layer of protection
  • Has anti aging properties for your vehicle
  • Protects against graffit
  • Acts as a UV protectant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Protects against minor scratches & dings

Clear Bra For Your Vehicle

ceramic-pro-protectionBasically clear bra is a paint protection film for your vehicle that is generally backed by a 10 year warranty!

  • Stain resistant
  • Has an incredible product longevity
  • Protects against chips, road debris and other damage causing debris
  • Provides either a high gloss of matte finish
  • Extreme optical clarity

If you go the route to market your product, services, or business in general with a vinyl wrap you want to protect your investment as much as possible.  While we have established that transit ads offer the best bang for your marketing buck making it last and look good while doing so just adds to the benefits of transit advertising.  Check out both of the above mentioned top coats and see if one is best for you. They are both investments that are sure to prove there dollar value.