Outdoor Advertising VS. Transit Advertising, Whats The Difference?

outdoor-advertisingWe have found that many people ask the same question when it comes to transit advertising, and that is, Is transit and outdoor advertising the same thing? This is actually a great question!  In a sense yes both transit and outdoor advertising are the same thing, however it goes a bit deeper than that. Transit advertising is actually a TYPE of outdoor advertising. What are other types of outdoor advertising as well?  Billboards, what we like to call outdoor furniture( bus stop shelters, kiosks, phone booths) outdoor displays for businesses etc. Each form of advertising is a bit different in the details of the advertising technique but all are part of the outside world viewed by a huge audience of people from many different demographics.  Now you might be wondering how do you choose the best outdoor advertising technique and what will possibly be most beneficial to your business? When it comes to outdoor advertising we have a few tips for you to keep in mind to reach your ads best highest potential.

  • Wow Factor Leads to Exposure- pretty much everywhere you look people are on some type of device such as a smartphone, ipad, tablet etc. With their attention caught up in the cyber world, hashtags, and social media you need to think about making any outdoor ad stand out so that it will get noticed!  Once noticed people will often shareit, take a picture & post it on social media etc. Think about different outdoor ads that have caught your attention or someone you know and they have sent picture messages, shared it on social media platforms etc. You want to create ad awareness so that you do not get lost in the sea of all the other outside ads, happenings and events going on.
  • Quality over Quantity- you may think by placing more ads outdoors you have a better chance of getting noticed.  While this may be true sometimes it is not necessarily the best strategy. Why? Say you place a bunch of ads around transit-adsdifferent areas, all the same ad.  Or you place a few ads in high traffic areas. Although high traffic areas may cost a bit more than other areas the higher traffic areas gain more exposure.  Places a few less ads and spending a little bit more may benefit you a lot more than more & inexpensive ads.
  • Competition Is Key- When strategically planning your outdoor ad you want to be ahead of your competition.  A lot of times competitors will go off of eachothers ads and kind of counteract them. This not only draws attention it also plays out well to the public.  Think of it being like a game of chess, one opponent makes a mov and the other plans his accordingly. Keeping everyone on their toes.
  • Simplicity is Important- Outdoor ads are seen in a very short time span by the consumer.  Whether they are driving, walking past, etc. most times people are enroute to a specific destination.  Buy having a simple bold and to the point ad in a well placed area you gain a better advantage of your ad actually being seen and not just blending in with everything else that’s going on around it.  Too many details or to intricate of pictures, wording etc. will not stand out to the consumer. If you have ever heard the term “less is more” it definitely applies to outdoor ads!