Let’s Talk About Transit TV Advertising

transit-TV-adsIn our previous post we introduced the subject of Transit TV Advertising.  While adding TV to Transit Advertising has been around for some time now, we thought we would approach the subject of how powerful it can be when coupled with traditional Transit Advertising.  A lot of you still may be wondering exactly what Tv Transit Advertising is and why it is deemed as such a beneficial way to advertise. First and foremost Transit TV Advertising refers to the use of TV on buses and other types of larger public transportation systems.  Those using the public transit systems will have access to viewing TVs while traveling and thus being presented with TV commercials or ads from businesses.  Many argue that most won’t pay that much attention to the TVs and thus ads and commercials being displayed. Others argue that with nothing to do during the ride and not having the responsibility of operating their form of transportation they have nothing to do but pay attention to the TVs and ads playing. Over the years after different research has been conducted marketing/advertising experts are finding ways to improve the overall success and retainment rate for those subjected to Transit TV Ads.  This in fact brings up the issue of just how effective TV ads are in general!

How Effective Are TV ADS


  • Reach Alone- No other advertising technique can reach the magnitude of an audience that TV ads can, couple that with public transportation and the audience doubles.  Even if only half are retaining the ads they saw, you still have a better advantage with TV/Media Ads than any other advertising technique.
  • TV Use– While there are definitely those who would rather read a book thancommercial-advertisment watch TV, it has been found that the average hours of TV watched per week is about 25 hours.  If we were to break it down in regards to daily usage and the number of hours a person is awake each day, watching TV equates to about 20% each day!
  • Emotional Connection-  Just like one of your favorite shows and it’s characters can lure you in and create a form of emotional response, so can TV ads.  In fact if the ad is done with creativity and regard to your target audience, it has been found that TV ads can in deed create long-held emotions and attachment.  Meaning that most will remember or associate certain things with an ad and brand.
  • Return On Investment- Like that of transit advertising, TV ads done correctly and of quality are  a great return on your investment. Meaning most marketers can appreciate that the money they are spending on their ad campaigns will show a great return of profits.  Even when transit ads and transit TV ads can be expensive the profits and business they can help generate are definitely worth the investment.

All in all we are big advocates on transit advertising and its ability to produce business and generate ROIs.  For those that would like to invest in Transit Advertising, perhaps looking into what Transit TV advertising can do for your business may be just as or if not more beneficial for you and your business.