The Disadvanatges Of Transit/Outdoor Marketing


If you have been following our blog or even if you have simply read just one article we have posted, you know that we are all about transit and outdoor advertising. With the consumer market ever changing as well as technological advances, keeping up with advertising and marketing trends can seem a bit daunting and hard to gauge.  Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing/advertising approaches and methods can help you as the business owner/manager decide on the best advertising technique that is right for your business. While some advertising/marketing strategies are definitely proven to be better than others, it doesn’t mean that ALL techniques don’t just have advantages but disadvantages as well. In previous posts we have sighted the advantages and why transit & outdoor advertising is so beneficial.  However, what are some of the disadvantages of transit advertising?

The Disadvantages Of Transit/Outdoor Advertising

  • Too Many Ads- With many businesses seeking the same audience transit & outdoor ads can get lost in the sea of all the other ads especially those of your competitors.  With the right ad that is both clever and bold you will help to improve the visibility of your business ad. However, standing out can still be a bit tricky
  • Price$$$- While transit advertising is one of the best proven ways to market your product or business it can be somewhat pricey.  Having a little wiggle room in your ad budget may benefit you, but you must also be prepared to pay for what you are getting.
  • outdoor-transit-adsEveryone Is Plugged In- While smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are  of great significance these days they can also be huge distractions. Many people who use public transit or that are out iand about tend to be preoccupied with their phones and the like.  Or simply preoccupied in general. This can lead to your transit or outdoor ads not being focused on and properly noticed. However, while it does have some significance on your ad it still doesn’t mean that your ads are going unnoticed completely.
  • Type of Transit- The type of transit ad you go after makes all the difference as well.  Some types of transit garner more attention than others especially when factoring in the routes the specific transit takes. Do your research before committing to any transit/outdoor ad and ask a lot of questions. Remember this is your money and your business!

As we mentioned before all types of advertising and marketing techniques havetransit-advertising their advantages and disadvantages.  The key is to do your research and find the best technique thats fits your business. Sometimes it may boil down to trial and error.  It’s best to ask questions and get all the information before you make any concrete decisions. This will help to ensure that you get the most advertising bang for your buck and that your ad/marketing strategy works the best for your business.