Digital Marketing, Social Media Platforms & Transit Ads

Transit and outdoor advertising/ marketing is generally our fortay when it comes digital-marketingto advertising your business. However, we mentioned in our previous article how consumers often are preoccupied with technology and the internet.  Think tablets, smartphones, social media platforms etc. That being said we decided to take a look into another form of marketing, digital marketing. Just as transit ads have increased in effectiveness and popularity over the years so has digital marketing, especially with the rise of internet users and the ease of being connected to the online world always.  That being said what exactly is digital marketing and more so digital marketing with the use of social media platforms. Furthermore can the use of social media platforms also maybe coincide with transit ads?

Social Media Platforms & Digital Advertising

  • Platforms offer built in analytics tools(these track progress and successful social-media-advertisingengagement of ads)
  • Reach the general public,niche audiences & bloggers
  • Help set businesses desired tone/public view
  • Allows for a broad marketing approach utilizing user- generated content & not just professional marketing approach
  • Allows you to interact with other businesses/competitors
  • A lot more personal than traditional ad campaigns
  • Ability to reach billions across the globe & spread brand awareness
  • Connects you with an audiences that shares the same wants, needs and views as your product or business offers (niche audiences)

These are just some of the benefits that digital marketing through social media platforms has to offer.  With a proven 3 billion people utilizing the internet on an everyday basis and a whopping 81% of the U.S. population using AT LEAST one(many are on a variety of social media platforms)social media platform frequently, the audience you are able to engage is incredible.  What would happen if a transit ad was used along with social media marketing? The transit-ad-digital-marketingbenefits and profitability might just amaze you. Say you had a transit ad on the side of a public bus and you posted to social media with hashtags and the like to spread awareness of this ad.  Users who engaged would then be on the lookout for your transit ad and often reposting a picture of the public transportation with your ad featured as part of a social media “game”. Not only are you engaging your niche audience you are also reaching a further abundance of potential consumers.  After all you are spreading your business or product awareness. Could transit/outdoor ads go hand in hand with digital marketing/social media advertisement? While the jury may be completely out on the verdict, we believe it’s safe to say that the potential that lies within the marketing abilities of these two advertising techniques could just be the new style ad campaign with the most leverage!