Digital Marketing, Social Media Platforms & Transit Ads

Transit and outdoor advertising/ marketing is generally our fortay when it comes digital-marketingto advertising your business. However, we mentioned in our previous article how consumers often are preoccupied with technology and the internet.  Think tablets, smartphones, social media platforms etc. That being said we decided to take a look into another form of marketing, digital marketing. Just as transit ads have increased in effectiveness and popularity over the years so has digital marketing, especially with the rise of internet users and the ease of being connected to the online world always.  That being said what exactly is digital marketing and more so digital marketing with the use of social media platforms. Furthermore can the use of social media platforms also maybe coincide with transit ads?

Social Media Platforms & Digital Advertising

  • Platforms offer built in analytics tools(these track progress and successful social-media-advertisingengagement of ads)
  • Reach the general public,niche audiences & bloggers
  • Help set businesses desired tone/public view
  • Allows for a broad marketing approach utilizing user- generated content & not just professional marketing approach
  • Allows you to interact with other businesses/competitors
  • A lot more personal than traditional ad campaigns
  • Ability to reach billions across the globe & spread brand awareness
  • Connects you with an audiences that shares the same wants, needs and views as your product or business offers (niche audiences)

These are just some of the benefits that digital marketing through social media platforms has to offer.  With a proven 3 billion people utilizing the internet on an everyday basis and a whopping 81% of the U.S. population using AT LEAST one(many are on a variety of social media platforms)social media platform frequently, the audience you are able to engage is incredible.  What would happen if a transit ad was used along with social media marketing? The transit-ad-digital-marketingbenefits and profitability might just amaze you. Say you had a transit ad on the side of a public bus and you posted to social media with hashtags and the like to spread awareness of this ad.  Users who engaged would then be on the lookout for your transit ad and often reposting a picture of the public transportation with your ad featured as part of a social media “game”. Not only are you engaging your niche audience you are also reaching a further abundance of potential consumers.  After all you are spreading your business or product awareness. Could transit/outdoor ads go hand in hand with digital marketing/social media advertisement? While the jury may be completely out on the verdict, we believe it’s safe to say that the potential that lies within the marketing abilities of these two advertising techniques could just be the new style ad campaign with the most leverage!

The Disadvanatges Of Transit/Outdoor Marketing


If you have been following our blog or even if you have simply read just one article we have posted, you know that we are all about transit and outdoor advertising. With the consumer market ever changing as well as technological advances, keeping up with advertising and marketing trends can seem a bit daunting and hard to gauge.  Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different marketing/advertising approaches and methods can help you as the business owner/manager decide on the best advertising technique that is right for your business. While some advertising/marketing strategies are definitely proven to be better than others, it doesn’t mean that ALL techniques don’t just have advantages but disadvantages as well. In previous posts we have sighted the advantages and why transit & outdoor advertising is so beneficial.  However, what are some of the disadvantages of transit advertising?

The Disadvantages Of Transit/Outdoor Advertising

  • Too Many Ads- With many businesses seeking the same audience transit & outdoor ads can get lost in the sea of all the other ads especially those of your competitors.  With the right ad that is both clever and bold you will help to improve the visibility of your business ad. However, standing out can still be a bit tricky
  • Price$$$- While transit advertising is one of the best proven ways to market your product or business it can be somewhat pricey.  Having a little wiggle room in your ad budget may benefit you, but you must also be prepared to pay for what you are getting.
  • outdoor-transit-adsEveryone Is Plugged In- While smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are  of great significance these days they can also be huge distractions. Many people who use public transit or that are out iand about tend to be preoccupied with their phones and the like.  Or simply preoccupied in general. This can lead to your transit or outdoor ads not being focused on and properly noticed. However, while it does have some significance on your ad it still doesn’t mean that your ads are going unnoticed completely.
  • Type of Transit- The type of transit ad you go after makes all the difference as well.  Some types of transit garner more attention than others especially when factoring in the routes the specific transit takes. Do your research before committing to any transit/outdoor ad and ask a lot of questions. Remember this is your money and your business!

As we mentioned before all types of advertising and marketing techniques havetransit-advertising their advantages and disadvantages.  The key is to do your research and find the best technique thats fits your business. Sometimes it may boil down to trial and error.  It’s best to ask questions and get all the information before you make any concrete decisions. This will help to ensure that you get the most advertising bang for your buck and that your ad/marketing strategy works the best for your business.

Best Transit Bus Ads

Check out these amazing transit ads done on buses.  This video showcases some of the best creativity and work done when it comes to transit ads.  Take a look and see what you think!

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps~ Top Choice For Transit/Outdoor Ads

vehicle-vinyl-wrap-adVehicle vinyl wraps by way of transit advertising are probably one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to advertise.  The fact that vinyl wraps can be applied to basically any size, shape and type of vehicle also makes vinyl wrapping probably the best form of transit advertising. Supreme Wraps, a Orlando Florida based vehicle vinyl wrapping coming, have done their fair share of bus, fleet, and even boat wraps.  That’s right you can even advertise on the water! They know their statistics and the exposure that a vehicle vinyl wrap can bring for your business or product. In fact, check out the advertising/marketing benefits of using vinyl wraps as your form of transit advertising.

Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Benefits to Transit Advertising

  • Fleet Advertisement- Wrapping your company’s fleet with vinyl wraps helps to increase your business/product recognition 15x more than other forms of transit-ad-vinyl-wrapadvertisement
  • Visual Impression Increase- It has been found that vehicle vinyl wraps can provide 600 or more impressions for every mile traveled in the vehicle!  That’s a TON of exposure for your product or business.
  • Interstate Advertising Corporation Statistics- The IAC has found that 74% of motorists are actually influenced by vehicle vinyl wrap ads for products or businesses.  That’s over half of all drivers!
  • Cost Effective- Not only does the cost associated with vehicle vinyl wraps make it a less expensive form of advertisement it also makes advertising a lot more flexible too.
  • Attention Without Disturbance-  Studies have also shown that advertisement done with a “softer” approach and not being so in your face present better results with better response from consumers.  Vehicle vinyl wraps are a “softer” approach to advertising and thus are a beneficial way to get your business/products out there and found.
  • Potential client Leads Double- That’s right with the use of vinyl wraps and allowing mobile exposure your company’s lead potential actually doubles!
  • Protect Your Fleets- The use of vehicle vinyl wraps on company fleets or single cars/trucks helps to also maintain the value of your vehicle. Why? Vinyl wraps act as a protective shield t your vehicle and help to lessen the results of normal wear and tear, scratches, dents, and dings.  
  • Recoup You And Expense-  with the proven amount of mobile exposure, lad and impression increase, you can actually recoup the money spent on your vinyl wrap because of the ad exposure alone!

Although vehicle vinyl wraps have been around for awhile now, only in recent years have they began to command the attention and exposure they deserve.  As transit and outdoor advertising become more beneficial and increases in popularity the more innovative vinyl wraps are sure to become. If you are looking to use outdoor advertising and transit ads in your companies market campaign, a vehicle vinyl wrap is a strong possibility to consider.

Outdoor Advertising VS. Transit Advertising, Whats The Difference?

outdoor-advertisingWe have found that many people ask the same question when it comes to transit advertising, and that is, Is transit and outdoor advertising the same thing? This is actually a great question!  In a sense yes both transit and outdoor advertising are the same thing, however it goes a bit deeper than that. Transit advertising is actually a TYPE of outdoor advertising. What are other types of outdoor advertising as well?  Billboards, what we like to call outdoor furniture( bus stop shelters, kiosks, phone booths) outdoor displays for businesses etc. Each form of advertising is a bit different in the details of the advertising technique but all are part of the outside world viewed by a huge audience of people from many different demographics.  Now you might be wondering how do you choose the best outdoor advertising technique and what will possibly be most beneficial to your business? When it comes to outdoor advertising we have a few tips for you to keep in mind to reach your ads best highest potential.

  • Wow Factor Leads to Exposure- pretty much everywhere you look people are on some type of device such as a smartphone, ipad, tablet etc. With their attention caught up in the cyber world, hashtags, and social media you need to think about making any outdoor ad stand out so that it will get noticed!  Once noticed people will often shareit, take a picture & post it on social media etc. Think about different outdoor ads that have caught your attention or someone you know and they have sent picture messages, shared it on social media platforms etc. You want to create ad awareness so that you do not get lost in the sea of all the other outside ads, happenings and events going on.
  • Quality over Quantity- you may think by placing more ads outdoors you have a better chance of getting noticed.  While this may be true sometimes it is not necessarily the best strategy. Why? Say you place a bunch of ads around transit-adsdifferent areas, all the same ad.  Or you place a few ads in high traffic areas. Although high traffic areas may cost a bit more than other areas the higher traffic areas gain more exposure.  Places a few less ads and spending a little bit more may benefit you a lot more than more & inexpensive ads.
  • Competition Is Key- When strategically planning your outdoor ad you want to be ahead of your competition.  A lot of times competitors will go off of eachothers ads and kind of counteract them. This not only draws attention it also plays out well to the public.  Think of it being like a game of chess, one opponent makes a mov and the other plans his accordingly. Keeping everyone on their toes.
  • Simplicity is Important- Outdoor ads are seen in a very short time span by the consumer.  Whether they are driving, walking past, etc. most times people are enroute to a specific destination.  Buy having a simple bold and to the point ad in a well placed area you gain a better advantage of your ad actually being seen and not just blending in with everything else that’s going on around it.  Too many details or to intricate of pictures, wording etc. will not stand out to the consumer. If you have ever heard the term “less is more” it definitely applies to outdoor ads!



Why Transit Advertising Is So Beneficial!

transit-system-adWhat exactly is transit advertising?  Basically transit advertising consists of signs, images, logo’s or messages displayed on public transit, inside of the transit system, or in public transit areas. Transit advertising is perhaps one of the best and most effective ways to market your product or business. You may still be asking yourself, why is it so great and what are the benefits of transit advertising

Benefits of Transit Advertising

  • Audience- Think about the size of the audience you are reaching with a transit public-tranist-stationad.  The ad goes wherever the transit system is going so you are reaching people in their own element, at school, work, out and about doing errands etc.  The audience you are capable of reaching is far bigger than by radio, print, or fliers.
  • Demographic- Along with audience comes demographic, which again is far more versatile when using transit advertising.  You are able to reach various  demographics, again by traveling to them & through them throughout the city.  A wider range of consumers enables a wider range of advertisement.
  • Size & Location- Another great thing about transit advertising is you get to choose the size of your ad as well as the location.  Think your advertisement will do better when located within a public transit system, or perhaps a very large advertisement on the side of a bus train, or light rail.  You are in control of the size and location of your advertisement. If you take the time to do a bit of research and find where your target audience would be best captured you will be  a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world.

transit-marketingTransit advertising is pretty much a moving billboard for your business.  What you do need to take into consideration when placing a transit ad, is the structure and appearance of your advertisement.  Think about it, transit systems are on the move a lot, thus why you reach such a wider audience range. However, that being said you must keep in mind that you only have a small window of time to get your ads notice dor to stick in the consumers mind.  Because of this you want to make sure your ad is bright, bold, simple and stands out. Seems like it may be a little easier said than done? If you work with a great transit marketing specialist and a great graphic designer you will not feel so lost. Go in with an idea or logo in mind and perfect the advertisement until you feel it will reach its full potential.  If after a certain allocated time period you feel like transit advertising isn’t working for your business, it may not be for you. However, we think you will love transit advertising and wonder why you didn’t start it sooner.


public-transit-systemHello and welcome to our site & blog.  We have started this blog in hopes of sharing and also providing knowledge on the different transit systems found throughout the world, and the benefits of marketing & advertising done through these transit systems.  Not quite sure what we mean exactly?  Transit systems consist of buses, trains, airplanes, subways, light rails, trolley systems etc.  Have you ever noticed a giant colorful ad taking up one side of any of these forms of transit?  Transit advertising is everywhere and growing increasing poularity.  We hope to provide the pros, cons and simply everything there is to know about advertising your business through transit marketing. Sit back, enjoy our site and let us share our knowledge with youI