Billboard Marketing

If you have read previous articles on our site you will be familiar with transit comercial-servicesadvertising and the many different outlets you can take advantage of. Trains, train station signage, bus stops, busses, benches, billboards etc. These are all forms of transit advertising and ad spaces that will be seen buy thousands of people daily. Transit ads are a great way to gain both exposure and business leads for your business, but what are the best forms of transit ads for commercial services?  For example a Colorado based plumbing company specialized in both residential and commercial plumbing. With the vehicle vinyl wraps they installed on their fleet of plumbing trucks, word of mouth and website they were gaining a lot of residential leads that were turning into business. Residential business was great but what about their commercial services? With commercial business falling short they were losing a lot of potential profit being that commercial services were often bigger jobs. How were they going to increase advertisement while putting a bigger emphasis on commercial plumbing? Billboards! Billboards are a spectacular way to market your services and because they can be costly a great way to gain the bigger more profitable business leads.

The Benefit of Billboard Advertising


5 Second Market- Believe it or not you can literally market your business within 5 seconds! This is why big companies or those looking to promote their commercial services invest in billboards. You can leave an impression in consumers subconscious and establish a connection

Become Familiar- It has been proven that people tend to take in short slogans billboard-marketingor phrases as well as pictures easily. With billboard advertisement you are doing just that, providing a picture and phrase that the thousands that see your advertisement will register and remember. Your business now stands out in their minds

Top Marketing Tool-  Yep that’s right billboards are proven to reach up to 93% of all people in the U.S. making it the second most effective form of marketing out there

Target Market- You are targeting not only a large market but a market that is full of diversity. While some advertisement is proven more effective by reaching a specific target market, diversity and the consumer reach of a billboard has proven to be very effective especially for services such as plumbing, garage door and other home/business services.

Reputation- Believe it or not not only do billboards help to build product image and increase product awareness they also help to build your products reputation!

Audience Guarantee- With billboard advertising you have a guaranteed audience and a repetitive one as well. People that drive their work commute everyday pass your billboard repeatedly.

Needless to say there are many benefits to billboard advertising. The plumbingadvertising-strategy company we spoke of decided to go the billboard route to market their commercial services and have seen a huge ROI and an increase in the commercial department as well as residential services.  While the cost of a billboard can be expensive, it can also increase your profit and help to grow your business.