Let’s Talk About Transit TV Advertising

transit-TV-adsIn our previous post we introduced the subject of Transit TV Advertising.  While adding TV to Transit Advertising has been around for some time now, we thought we would approach the subject of how powerful it can be when coupled with traditional Transit Advertising.  A lot of you still may be wondering exactly what Tv Transit Advertising is and why it is deemed as such a beneficial way to advertise. First and foremost Transit TV Advertising refers to the use of TV on buses and other types of larger public transportation systems.  Those using the public transit systems will have access to viewing TVs while traveling and thus being presented with TV commercials or ads from businesses.  Many argue that most won’t pay that much attention to the TVs and thus ads and commercials being displayed. Others argue that with nothing to do during the ride and not having the responsibility of operating their form of transportation they have nothing to do but pay attention to the TVs and ads playing. Over the years after different research has been conducted marketing/advertising experts are finding ways to improve the overall success and retainment rate for those subjected to Transit TV Ads.  This in fact brings up the issue of just how effective TV ads are in general!

How Effective Are TV ADS


  • Reach Alone- No other advertising technique can reach the magnitude of an audience that TV ads can, couple that with public transportation and the audience doubles.  Even if only half are retaining the ads they saw, you still have a better advantage with TV/Media Ads than any other advertising technique.
  • TV Use– While there are definitely those who would rather read a book thancommercial-advertisment watch TV, it has been found that the average hours of TV watched per week is about 25 hours.  If we were to break it down in regards to daily usage and the number of hours a person is awake each day, watching TV equates to about 20% each day!
  • Emotional Connection-  Just like one of your favorite shows and it’s characters can lure you in and create a form of emotional response, so can TV ads.  In fact if the ad is done with creativity and regard to your target audience, it has been found that TV ads can in deed create long-held emotions and attachment.  Meaning that most will remember or associate certain things with an ad and brand.
  • Return On Investment- Like that of transit advertising, TV ads done correctly and of quality are  a great return on your investment. Meaning most marketers can appreciate that the money they are spending on their ad campaigns will show a great return of profits.  Even when transit ads and transit TV ads can be expensive the profits and business they can help generate are definitely worth the investment.

All in all we are big advocates on transit advertising and its ability to produce business and generate ROIs.  For those that would like to invest in Transit Advertising, perhaps looking into what Transit TV advertising can do for your business may be just as or if not more beneficial for you and your business.

Taking Transit Advertising A Step Further

We have discussed the benefits of Transit Advertising, the best way to plave and protect your ad and what this type of advertising is doing for all different types of businesses.  However, what if we took Transit Ads a step further and now can utilize Transit TV Advertising?  Check out this video on just ho powerful transit TV Ads an be!


Digital Marketing, Social Media Platforms & Transit Ads

Transit and outdoor advertising/ marketing is generally our fortay when it comes digital-marketingto advertising your business. However, we mentioned in our previous article how consumers often are preoccupied with technology and the internet.  Think tablets, smartphones, social media platforms etc. That being said we decided to take a look into another form of marketing, digital marketing. Just as transit ads have increased in effectiveness and popularity over the years so has digital marketing, especially with the rise of internet users and the ease of being connected to the online world always.  That being said what exactly is digital marketing and more so digital marketing with the use of social media platforms. Furthermore can the use of social media platforms also maybe coincide with transit ads?

Social Media Platforms & Digital Advertising

  • Platforms offer built in analytics tools(these track progress and successful social-media-advertisingengagement of ads)
  • Reach the general public,niche audiences & bloggers
  • Help set businesses desired tone/public view
  • Allows for a broad marketing approach utilizing user- generated content & not just professional marketing approach
  • Allows you to interact with other businesses/competitors
  • A lot more personal than traditional ad campaigns
  • Ability to reach billions across the globe & spread brand awareness
  • Connects you with an audiences that shares the same wants, needs and views as your product or business offers (niche audiences)

These are just some of the benefits that digital marketing through social media platforms has to offer.  With a proven 3 billion people utilizing the internet on an everyday basis and a whopping 81% of the U.S. population using AT LEAST one(many are on a variety of social media platforms)social media platform frequently, the audience you are able to engage is incredible.  What would happen if a transit ad was used along with social media marketing? The transit-ad-digital-marketingbenefits and profitability might just amaze you. Say you had a transit ad on the side of a public bus and you posted to social media with hashtags and the like to spread awareness of this ad.  Users who engaged would then be on the lookout for your transit ad and often reposting a picture of the public transportation with your ad featured as part of a social media “game”. Not only are you engaging your niche audience you are also reaching a further abundance of potential consumers.  After all you are spreading your business or product awareness. Could transit/outdoor ads go hand in hand with digital marketing/social media advertisement? While the jury may be completely out on the verdict, we believe it’s safe to say that the potential that lies within the marketing abilities of these two advertising techniques could just be the new style ad campaign with the most leverage!

Best Transit Bus Ads

Check out these amazing transit ads done on buses.  This video showcases some of the best creativity and work done when it comes to transit ads.  Take a look and see what you think!

Outdoor Advertising VS. Transit Advertising, Whats The Difference?

outdoor-advertisingWe have found that many people ask the same question when it comes to transit advertising, and that is, Is transit and outdoor advertising the same thing? This is actually a great question!  In a sense yes both transit and outdoor advertising are the same thing, however it goes a bit deeper than that. Transit advertising is actually a TYPE of outdoor advertising. What are other types of outdoor advertising as well?  Billboards, what we like to call outdoor furniture( bus stop shelters, kiosks, phone booths) outdoor displays for businesses etc. Each form of advertising is a bit different in the details of the advertising technique but all are part of the outside world viewed by a huge audience of people from many different demographics.  Now you might be wondering how do you choose the best outdoor advertising technique and what will possibly be most beneficial to your business? When it comes to outdoor advertising we have a few tips for you to keep in mind to reach your ads best highest potential.

  • Wow Factor Leads to Exposure- pretty much everywhere you look people are on some type of device such as a smartphone, ipad, tablet etc. With their attention caught up in the cyber world, hashtags, and social media you need to think about making any outdoor ad stand out so that it will get noticed!  Once noticed people will often shareit, take a picture & post it on social media etc. Think about different outdoor ads that have caught your attention or someone you know and they have sent picture messages, shared it on social media platforms etc. You want to create ad awareness so that you do not get lost in the sea of all the other outside ads, happenings and events going on.
  • Quality over Quantity- you may think by placing more ads outdoors you have a better chance of getting noticed.  While this may be true sometimes it is not necessarily the best strategy. Why? Say you place a bunch of ads around transit-adsdifferent areas, all the same ad.  Or you place a few ads in high traffic areas. Although high traffic areas may cost a bit more than other areas the higher traffic areas gain more exposure.  Places a few less ads and spending a little bit more may benefit you a lot more than more & inexpensive ads.
  • Competition Is Key- When strategically planning your outdoor ad you want to be ahead of your competition.  A lot of times competitors will go off of eachothers ads and kind of counteract them. This not only draws attention it also plays out well to the public.  Think of it being like a game of chess, one opponent makes a mov and the other plans his accordingly. Keeping everyone on their toes.
  • Simplicity is Important- Outdoor ads are seen in a very short time span by the consumer.  Whether they are driving, walking past, etc. most times people are enroute to a specific destination.  Buy having a simple bold and to the point ad in a well placed area you gain a better advantage of your ad actually being seen and not just blending in with everything else that’s going on around it.  Too many details or to intricate of pictures, wording etc. will not stand out to the consumer. If you have ever heard the term “less is more” it definitely applies to outdoor ads!