Best Bus Stop Ads of All Time

bus-shelter-adsPublic transportation is widely used for everyday commutes. It also happens to be a great platform for transit advertisement. Take a bus shelter, the simple shelter area allows marketers to be creative and offer some clever advertisement campaigns. Some of the best ever bust stop ad campaigns to ever……

IKEA Furniture

In multiple bus stops, IKEA swapped out the traditional cold metal bench for one of IKEA’s comfortable couches. Also surrounding the couch is other IKEA furniture to make the bus stop experience even more enjoyable.

Quiksilver Skateboard Ramp

Skateboarders are usually seen as a nuisance around the city streets, but that didn’t stop Quiksilver from installing a  skateboard ramp at a bus stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. While many looking for a bus ride might not skate, it is hard for people not to notice people skating on the side of a bus stop.

Guarana Antartica Soccer Net

For the 2016 World Cup in Brazil, the Brazilian drink company set up a life-size goal post at a bus stop in Sao Paulo. While the net didn’t come with any soccer balls to kick into the net, there was a sign in the net encouraging Brazil to win.

Apple Swing

bus-stop-marketingApple decided to advertise its MacBook Air by including a swing at one of their bus stops next to a sign. While the swing isn’t supposed to make people think of how easy the MacBook opens or closes, it is just a fun attraction at a usually very boring place.

3M Security Glass

In order to advertise the durability of their security glass. 3M included what was said to be $3 million dollars at a bus stop in Vancouver, Canada. They said if anyone can break it on this one day with their feet, then they can claim the prize. Security guards were there to make sure no one cheated. And it seems that nobody was able to win the prize.

The Simpsons Movie

In order to promote the new Simpson’s Movie in Germany, there was a bus stop where the backdrop was replaced with the classic Simpsons living room couch that is in every Simpsons episode intro. That way when you look at it you look like your apart of the Simpsons family.

Vitamin Water Charger

With people on their phones a lot, it is always nice for a charger to be provided to give your phone the necessary charge to make it through the day. Vitamin Water included a charger with their ad at a bus stop, advertising it as an alternative energy source.

Bus stop shelters are a great way to advertise. As seen with the particular ads mentioned above, the companies used unique tactics to encourage, not only bus stop users but also passing traffic, to take notice of the advertisements placed. By using eye-catching ads that also promoted consumer interaction, there is no doubt these ads got noticed!