Magnetic Signs For Your Vehicle

magnetic-sign-adWhile transit ads on buses, subway systems, in the form of vehicle vinyl wraps and billboards are great ways to advertise your business/products, magnetic signs for your vehicle are also another option!


  • Cheap! These signs run anywhere from $15 depending on the size. Way cheaper than $2000+ to vinyl wrap a car, so a great option if you have multiple vehicles that you want to advertise on
  • Mobile, if you buy a poster ad, it only stays in that one spot, but when you’re in your car your ad can be shown to multiple people
  • Signs are pretty durable
  • Easy to reapply to different vehicles and different parts of the vehicle
  • Advertise to a larger demographic
  • Signs can have various designs, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Low maintenance, washing it every now and then will ensure years of great advertising


  • Signs can be stolen
  • Signs can fall off of your car
  • The magnet can be damaged
  • Signs don’t work on plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum body panels, only steel ones
  • Magnetic signs are less impactful than wraps
  • Not as spreadable as online ads
  • Can’t reach people who don’t drive
  • You can only advertise where you drive
  • Ads can’t be targeted like mobile ads, so if you have a niche target market this form of ad likely won’t add a lot of business
  • Signs tend to be square or rectangular in shape, but can be other shapes too
  • Need to be placed on a flat body surface to ensure proper grip
  • Magnet signs can become stuck to body panels making them super difficult to remove
  • Less grip during adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, etc

If you are just starting your small business and want to get your name out by interacting with the local market, then magnetic vehicle advertisements are one of the best options. They are cheap and can give your business exposure. But, before you go out and spend the money for a fleet of signs for your vehicle(s), make sure that your vehicle has the proper steel body panels. Also, make sure that your target market will be receptive to your advertisements. Magnetic signs can be a great option that will impact local business growth.