Best Bus Stop Ads of All Time

bus-shelter-adsPublic transportation is widely used for everyday commutes. It also happens to be a great platform for transit advertisement. Take a bus shelter, the simple shelter area allows marketers to be creative and offer some clever advertisement campaigns. Some of the best ever bust stop ad campaigns to ever……

IKEA Furniture

In multiple bus stops, IKEA swapped out the traditional cold metal bench for one of IKEA’s comfortable couches. Also surrounding the couch is other IKEA furniture to make the bus stop experience even more enjoyable.

Quiksilver Skateboard Ramp

Skateboarders are usually seen as a nuisance around the city streets, but that didn’t stop Quiksilver from installing a  skateboard ramp at a bus stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. While many looking for a bus ride might not skate, it is hard for people not to notice people skating on the side of a bus stop.

Guarana Antartica Soccer Net

For the 2016 World Cup in Brazil, the Brazilian drink company set up a life-size goal post at a bus stop in Sao Paulo. While the net didn’t come with any soccer balls to kick into the net, there was a sign in the net encouraging Brazil to win.

Apple Swing

bus-stop-marketingApple decided to advertise its MacBook Air by including a swing at one of their bus stops next to a sign. While the swing isn’t supposed to make people think of how easy the MacBook opens or closes, it is just a fun attraction at a usually very boring place.

3M Security Glass

In order to advertise the durability of their security glass. 3M included what was said to be $3 million dollars at a bus stop in Vancouver, Canada. They said if anyone can break it on this one day with their feet, then they can claim the prize. Security guards were there to make sure no one cheated. And it seems that nobody was able to win the prize.

The Simpsons Movie

In order to promote the new Simpson’s Movie in Germany, there was a bus stop where the backdrop was replaced with the classic Simpsons living room couch that is in every Simpsons episode intro. That way when you look at it you look like your apart of the Simpsons family.

Vitamin Water Charger

With people on their phones a lot, it is always nice for a charger to be provided to give your phone the necessary charge to make it through the day. Vitamin Water included a charger with their ad at a bus stop, advertising it as an alternative energy source.

Bus stop shelters are a great way to advertise. As seen with the particular ads mentioned above, the companies used unique tactics to encourage, not only bus stop users but also passing traffic, to take notice of the advertisements placed. By using eye-catching ads that also promoted consumer interaction, there is no doubt these ads got noticed!

Magnetic Signs For Your Vehicle

magnetic-sign-adWhile transit ads on buses, subway systems, in the form of vehicle vinyl wraps and billboards are great ways to advertise your business/products, magnetic signs for your vehicle are also another option!


  • Cheap! These signs run anywhere from $15 depending on the size. Way cheaper than $2000+ to vinyl wrap a car, so a great option if you have multiple vehicles that you want to advertise on
  • Mobile, if you buy a poster ad, it only stays in that one spot, but when you’re in your car your ad can be shown to multiple people
  • Signs are pretty durable
  • Easy to reapply to different vehicles and different parts of the vehicle
  • Advertise to a larger demographic
  • Signs can have various designs, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Low maintenance, washing it every now and then will ensure years of great advertising


  • Signs can be stolen
  • Signs can fall off of your car
  • The magnet can be damaged
  • Signs don’t work on plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum body panels, only steel ones
  • Magnetic signs are less impactful than wraps
  • Not as spreadable as online ads
  • Can’t reach people who don’t drive
  • You can only advertise where you drive
  • Ads can’t be targeted like mobile ads, so if you have a niche target market this form of ad likely won’t add a lot of business
  • Signs tend to be square or rectangular in shape, but can be other shapes too
  • Need to be placed on a flat body surface to ensure proper grip
  • Magnet signs can become stuck to body panels making them super difficult to remove
  • Less grip during adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, etc

If you are just starting your small business and want to get your name out by interacting with the local market, then magnetic vehicle advertisements are one of the best options. They are cheap and can give your business exposure. But, before you go out and spend the money for a fleet of signs for your vehicle(s), make sure that your vehicle has the proper steel body panels. Also, make sure that your target market will be receptive to your advertisements. Magnetic signs can be a great option that will impact local business growth.

Billboard Marketing

If you have read previous articles on our site you will be familiar with transit comercial-servicesadvertising and the many different outlets you can take advantage of. Trains, train station signage, bus stops, busses, benches, billboards etc. These are all forms of transit advertising and ad spaces that will be seen buy thousands of people daily. Transit ads are a great way to gain both exposure and business leads for your business, but what are the best forms of transit ads for commercial services?  For example a Colorado based plumbing company specialized in both residential and commercial plumbing. With the vehicle vinyl wraps they installed on their fleet of plumbing trucks, word of mouth and website they were gaining a lot of residential leads that were turning into business. Residential business was great but what about their commercial services? With commercial business falling short they were losing a lot of potential profit being that commercial services were often bigger jobs. How were they going to increase advertisement while putting a bigger emphasis on commercial plumbing? Billboards! Billboards are a spectacular way to market your services and because they can be costly a great way to gain the bigger more profitable business leads.

The Benefit of Billboard Advertising


5 Second Market- Believe it or not you can literally market your business within 5 seconds! This is why big companies or those looking to promote their commercial services invest in billboards. You can leave an impression in consumers subconscious and establish a connection

Become Familiar- It has been proven that people tend to take in short slogans billboard-marketingor phrases as well as pictures easily. With billboard advertisement you are doing just that, providing a picture and phrase that the thousands that see your advertisement will register and remember. Your business now stands out in their minds

Top Marketing Tool-  Yep that’s right billboards are proven to reach up to 93% of all people in the U.S. making it the second most effective form of marketing out there

Target Market- You are targeting not only a large market but a market that is full of diversity. While some advertisement is proven more effective by reaching a specific target market, diversity and the consumer reach of a billboard has proven to be very effective especially for services such as plumbing, garage door and other home/business services.

Reputation- Believe it or not not only do billboards help to build product image and increase product awareness they also help to build your products reputation!

Audience Guarantee- With billboard advertising you have a guaranteed audience and a repetitive one as well. People that drive their work commute everyday pass your billboard repeatedly.

Needless to say there are many benefits to billboard advertising. The plumbingadvertising-strategy company we spoke of decided to go the billboard route to market their commercial services and have seen a huge ROI and an increase in the commercial department as well as residential services.  While the cost of a billboard can be expensive, it can also increase your profit and help to grow your business.


Super Bowl Commercial Ad Value

commercial-ad-spendThe Super Bowl has turned in to almost an American holiday, not just because of the game, but because of the concert during the halftime show, the parties in the winning city afterwards, and the new, funny, and even emotional commercials. With over 100 million people watching, advertising agencies, top companies & industries race to secure commercial ad space that can cost on average $175,000 per second! Although Super Bowl commercials are not a type of transit ad, we wanted to look at how utilizing an effective ad space can be so beneficial to the company or business at hand. Although costly, this type of ad spend can prove to do wonders for your business, so is it worth it?

 What’s the Price?

In 2007, the average cost for a 30 second commercial was $2.7 million, and now it has almost doubled at an average of $5.25 million. These costs easily surpass the price of ads at other sporting events such as the NBA Finals which cost an average of $751,000 and the MLB World Series which cost an average of $674,000.

 What are the factors?

The extraordinary price for super bowl commercials can be explained by a few factors. First, the total number of viewers and the fact that the Super Bowl is only one game that is usually close, while in the NBA and MLB they can have anywhere from 4 to 7 games to decide a winner and some of those games can be blowouts. The average viewership for the super bowl is 80% more thansuper-bowl-ad-spend the NBA Finals and the MLB World Series. And also, if you create a good enough ad you will be forever remembered in people’s minds which is invaluable advertising wise. For example, companies like Budweiser or Doritos are always expected to bring the funniest or most heartwarming commercials each year which certainly drives up sales. The pure number and concentration of viewers is an advertisers dream and why they are willing to pay big money for the unwanted slots.

 What slots are more valuable?

Believe it or not, advertisers not only want their ad in the Super Bowl; but they want it during a specific time and hence pay more for the slot. These more popular slots are the first and last commercials during a commercial break, More viewers are likely to see the first commercial and last commercial before they go to the bathroom or go grab food. Also, the 1st and 4th quarters are more valuable because more people will watch the beginning of the game when the score is close and even more will tune in, in the 4th quarter. Also, there is a little increase in price for commercials around the halftime show as people who don’t like football will watch the halftime show.

The Super Bowl started out as a simple game between the AFL and the NFL, but now it is an advertising dream with the excitement surrounding the event and the massive number of viewers. If you submit your own Super Bowl commercial, you might have the chance to become just as popular as Budweiser and Doritos. Although, it won’t be cheap.



Strategic Placement for Your Transit Ad

Transit and Outdoor Advertising is an ever growing ad technique that is proving to be very valuable to the business looking to promote their company. Not only is the said business reaching a huge market and demographic, they are also leaving lasting brand impression on potential consumers as well as hitting a great ROI. However, the more strategic you get with your transit ad placement the better. Not only are you really getting your ad spend money’s worth, you are also bringing the best possible value to your business. What exactly do we mean?


We did a case study as to some of the most effective ways to bring in probable leads for different businesses and the best way to place your ads to target an audience that could really benefit from the business at hands services. A Phoenix based auto mechanic wanted to promote and market his business using transit advertising. After more than 30 years in business he was looking for an alternative approach to his more traditional marketing tactics. He wanted to make sure if he was to spend a good amount of money on just one type of ad that he utilized his ad space the best way possible. Being that he was looking to focus on auto repair customers as well as ac/heating issues he decided what better way than to advertise on rideshare vehicles. Think city bus, the small market-strategyshuttle that works locally, company employee shuttles etc. Most people that are having car problems look to these forms of transportation to get them to and from work until they are able to get their vehicles fixed! In the 6 month period that the auto repair shop has been running their transit ads they have seen not only a great return on investment, they also have seen auto repair clientele increase as well as their gross profit margin! Truly strategically placing your transit ads can really help to increase your business, profit and overall potential leads.

Strategically Placing Transit Ads

  • Business Category- While all transit ad campaigns can benefit your business, placing them on particular transportation may be more or less beneficial to your business. Rideshare for an automotive repair business is brilliant, delivery service ads on buses etc would play out great because many people who take the bus might need deliveries!
  • Case Study- Maybe transit advertising will be the best marketing tactic for you and your business or maybe it doesn’t seem that beneficial. Start small with designated ad space you purchase and do a small case stud like we conducted. Find your niche when it comes to what transit ad space will prove to be the most prosperous for your company and brand.
  • Research- It never hurts before purchasing transit ad space or starting a case study to do a little research. Look into what your target demographic may be. Where other companies in your niche have had the best advertising success. The more you know can always help even just a little bit.
  • Knowing Numbers- Knowing what your numbers are as far as goals, ROI etc before beginning any new form of advertising will help you to really see if you are receiving the results that you want and need. If you are unsure of what your numbers and percentages need to be for transit ads to make sense and to really benefit you work with a professional that can help you develop a scale for you to keep track of your metrics!

In the end expanding your marketing camoaigns and the types of marketing and advertising you do for your company can do wonders for the growth and success of your business. While your traditional or usual ways of marketing might work you may be missing out on a form of advertising that could bring even greater results. Don’t throw all caution to the wind and stop utilizing the the standard techniques that work for you, instead have an open mind to what something different can do for you if you follow the right steps!


Traditional Ad Techniques & the Auto Industry

auto-industry-adsOur site focuses on transit advertising, it’s growth over the years and the many benefits as well as success for businesses these ads provide. That being said since we are focusing on what advertising on an automobile of some caliber can do for you and your company, we thought we would take a further look into the automotive industry, which tends to be the leader when it comes to advertising and marketing dollars spent per year. The fact of the matter is that while the automotive industry spends the most money each year in advertising campaign dollars and such the digital and transit marketing world is not their first choice in ways to advertise.  Instead many automotive leaders such as Toyota still tend to use traditional means of advertising verses transit ad or digital marketing ploys. Why is this exactly and furthermore what would happen if these automotive giants were to move more so into the digital and transit ad age? Would they take over the transit ad market leaving less space or acknowledgement for smaller scale companies and businesses? Let’s take a look at a few of the automotive industry’s traditional advertising techniques and answer a few of our own questions!

Automotive Industry Advertising Techniques


Radio advertisement is probably the most “old school” techniques when it comes to automobile marketing or an industry marketing technique at that. However, this form of marketing still holds proof that it works and is really catching the masses attention with the proof available in the ROI’s. In fact it has radio-adsbeen determined that radio reaches as many as 90% of Americans each week while driving their daily commute. If Radio marketing is this efficient it’s safe to say that transit advertising could reach the masses just as well if not even better for the automobile industry.  Especially if the automobile they were advertising was displayed rather than just spoken about.


Although this may seem like a long ago strategy that wouldn’t still work as well, the fact is it does somehow. The auto industry spent than most out of any industry in 2017 to televise their marketing approach and the proof of what it can do is in the number of car sales. What if you were to couple television ads with transit advertising and see what could really be done in the terms of sales.

Print Ads in Local Publications-

newspaper-adsWhile many automotive retailers are looking to pull their print ads and ditch this traditional ad spend the jury is out on whether they should do so. Most consumers still like to look at local papers containing ads especially for auto dealerships. This allows the consumer to see what deals and incentives on automobiles in their area are. A lot of times these ads will be the “driving” (no pun intended) force into bringing potential customers into dealerships!

While traditional add techniques can definitely bring results, transit marketing can potentially bring in so much more revenue to auto dealerships. Being that the auto industry is the leading ad spend in the marketing industry why not capitalize on all ad techniques both old and new!

Let’s Talk About Transit TV Advertising

transit-TV-adsIn our previous post we introduced the subject of Transit TV Advertising.  While adding TV to Transit Advertising has been around for some time now, we thought we would approach the subject of how powerful it can be when coupled with traditional Transit Advertising.  A lot of you still may be wondering exactly what Tv Transit Advertising is and why it is deemed as such a beneficial way to advertise. First and foremost Transit TV Advertising refers to the use of TV on buses and other types of larger public transportation systems.  Those using the public transit systems will have access to viewing TVs while traveling and thus being presented with TV commercials or ads from businesses.  Many argue that most won’t pay that much attention to the TVs and thus ads and commercials being displayed. Others argue that with nothing to do during the ride and not having the responsibility of operating their form of transportation they have nothing to do but pay attention to the TVs and ads playing. Over the years after different research has been conducted marketing/advertising experts are finding ways to improve the overall success and retainment rate for those subjected to Transit TV Ads.  This in fact brings up the issue of just how effective TV ads are in general!

How Effective Are TV ADS


  • Reach Alone- No other advertising technique can reach the magnitude of an audience that TV ads can, couple that with public transportation and the audience doubles.  Even if only half are retaining the ads they saw, you still have a better advantage with TV/Media Ads than any other advertising technique.
  • TV Use– While there are definitely those who would rather read a book thancommercial-advertisment watch TV, it has been found that the average hours of TV watched per week is about 25 hours.  If we were to break it down in regards to daily usage and the number of hours a person is awake each day, watching TV equates to about 20% each day!
  • Emotional Connection-  Just like one of your favorite shows and it’s characters can lure you in and create a form of emotional response, so can TV ads.  In fact if the ad is done with creativity and regard to your target audience, it has been found that TV ads can in deed create long-held emotions and attachment.  Meaning that most will remember or associate certain things with an ad and brand.
  • Return On Investment- Like that of transit advertising, TV ads done correctly and of quality are  a great return on your investment. Meaning most marketers can appreciate that the money they are spending on their ad campaigns will show a great return of profits.  Even when transit ads and transit TV ads can be expensive the profits and business they can help generate are definitely worth the investment.

All in all we are big advocates on transit advertising and its ability to produce business and generate ROIs.  For those that would like to invest in Transit Advertising, perhaps looking into what Transit TV advertising can do for your business may be just as or if not more beneficial for you and your business.

Taking Transit Advertising A Step Further

We have discussed the benefits of Transit Advertising, the best way to plave and protect your ad and what this type of advertising is doing for all different types of businesses.  However, what if we took Transit Ads a step further and now can utilize Transit TV Advertising?  Check out this video on just ho powerful transit TV Ads an be!


Protection For Your Transit/Vinyl Wrap Ad

ceramic-pro-top-coatWe have talked about transit ads, how vinyl wraps have transformed the transit ad industry, and what both the advantages and disadvantages are when using transit or outdoor ads. What we have yet to cover is protection for transit ads and fleet marketing. We include fleet marketing because that perhaps is what may benefit the most from protection, being that we as business owners seeking transit advertising can’t really add protection to a city bus or other public transportation.  However, if we have a company fleet of cars that have been vinyl wrapped with our logo/business advertisement we are able to control the type of protection put in place to ensure our vinyl wrap stays fresh, new and clean! If you have read our previous post about vinyl wraps you will have found that vinyl wrapping your vehicle or company fleet adds an extra layer of protection to your actual automobile. Not only do vinyl wraps protect the original paint of your car but also the body from normal wear and tear, dents, dings and weather related damage.  While vinyl wraps have their own level of durability how do you add extra protection to your vinyl wrap to help aid in keeping it as new looking and intact as possible? Enter in Clear Bra and Ceramic Pro protection! What exactly are Ceramic Pro & Clear Bra protection and how do they both aid in protecting your vehicle or fleet wraps?

Ceramic Pro

Ceramic pro is a nano ceramic coating that acts as a glass like protective shield for your vehicle.  It can protect the original paint job or your installed vehicle-paint-protectionvinyl wrap.

  • Provides a gloss to your vehicle
  • Offers a 3 to 5 times stronger topcoat protection than factory or other top coats
  • Creates a permanent layer of protection
  • Has anti aging properties for your vehicle
  • Protects against graffit
  • Acts as a UV protectant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Protects against minor scratches & dings

Clear Bra For Your Vehicle

ceramic-pro-protectionBasically clear bra is a paint protection film for your vehicle that is generally backed by a 10 year warranty!

  • Stain resistant
  • Has an incredible product longevity
  • Protects against chips, road debris and other damage causing debris
  • Provides either a high gloss of matte finish
  • Extreme optical clarity

If you go the route to market your product, services, or business in general with a vinyl wrap you want to protect your investment as much as possible.  While we have established that transit ads offer the best bang for your marketing buck making it last and look good while doing so just adds to the benefits of transit advertising.  Check out both of the above mentioned top coats and see if one is best for you. They are both investments that are sure to prove there dollar value.